Plastic Bins used in Pharmacies and by Medical Experts

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Plastic Bins are helpful in many different situations.  Some people think that plastic bins are only for use in warehouses, they are wrong.  While plastic bins are definitely beneficial in warehouses, they are not limited to them.  They are used by professionals in all industries all over the world.  If you’ve ever been to a pharmacy, you are sure to have seen some form of plastic bins in use behind the counter.  Typically, these bins are resting on a wire shelving unit or are hung on louvered panels.  Pharmacists get a lot of use out of these plastic bins.  They sure help make it easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for.

You can walk into almost any pharmacy in the country and you will see plastic bins being used.  The most common way that pharmacists use these bins is behind their counter to hold their medication.  It makes life easy when you have a system in place.  In pharmacies, these bins are usually resting on wire shelves and are color coded.  For instance, all the blue bins will hold a certain type of medication, while the red ones are holding a medication for a completely different set of problems.  These bins are also available in clear so that you can easily see exactly what is inside of each bin.

Now that we are aware of just how these plastic bins can be helpful to pharmacists, lets discuss the different types of setups that they can install.  All of the options for setting this up are fairly easy.  The first option would be to erect a bunch of wire shelving units throughout the pharmacy.  Once these wire shelving units are setup, you can populate them with these plastic bins.  Like we talked about earlier, you can separate them all by color to make identification much easier.  The next option would be to hang these bins on wall mounted louvered panels or bench racks.  These bins were manufactured with a rear lip that allows these bins to hang off a panel or rack.  Once again, each panel or rack can be color coded to make life easier.

Now you are aware of how plastic bins and wire shelving can be very helpful in a pharmacy.  Shelving and bins are not only used in warehouses, they are used by different people across the world in every different industry.  As long as you enjoy being organized, these solutions will be wonderful for you, regardless of industry.


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Plastic Bins and how they are used in every industry

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Plastic Storage Solutions are all around us.  Everywhere you look, you are sure to find plastic bins being used in some capacity.  If you are not using plastic bins to assist you in your everyday life, you are not making your life as easy and clean as it could be.  Wire shelving units are used in all types of environments.  If you need to clean up your garage, use wire shelves.  If you are trying to organize your office, wire shelving units are a great option.  Every single restaurant in this country is currently using wire shelving systems in their kitchens.

Plastic storage containers are a very helpful solution when you are trying to clean up a specific area.  Whether your office, warehouse or home, these plastic bins can assist you in getting the most out of your storage space.  They are great for loose items that you always want to be able to locate.  If you have a parts warehouse, plastic bins are absolutely critical to you for organization.  Nobody wants to always be running around searching for parts.

Let’s start out with a garage.  Typically, guys tend to clutter up their garage.  A lot of garages look like an episode of hoarders.  If you are one of those people, you should look into a simple storage solution.  Maybe some wire shelving, maybe some plastic bins, maybe a combination of both!  You can setup a wire shelving unit in the garage to help clear off the ground.  You can choose from shelving units that start at 54” high and go all the way up to 86” high.  These typically come with 4 shelves, but you can add on as many as you’d like.  Once the shelving system is setup, then you should look into some plastic bins.

The plastic storage containers can be filled up with your items and then placed onto the wire shelving system.  You can select from plastic shelf bins, which will rest on the shelves and can nest inside one another when empty, or you can go with a larger bin that stacks.  The stacking and hanging bins can be stacked, sturdily, on top of each other while being filled with contents.  Both of these plastic bins have divider slots which allows you to divide the contents of the container.

These same shelving options are great for anywhere, not only a garage.  A lot of restaurants take advantage of our wire shelving systems.  Have you ever been in the kitchen at a restaurant?  It is sure to be full of wire shelving systems.  These shelving units can be mobilized by using a set of casters.  Casters come available with 2 brakes.  It is not only the wire shelving systems that restaurants take advantage of.  Almost all restaurants use plastic bins as well.  Normally, when you a see a bus boy walking around a restaurant, they are holding a plastic tub.  Those tubs are filled with all of the dirty dishes at the tables and then brought to the back to the kitchen to be cleaned.

Plastic Bins and Wire Shelving are a great help, regardless of what industry you are in.  Everyone from the individual trying to organize their garage to the restaurant owner trying to make his kitchen neater is utilizing plastic bins to help them in their every day life.


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How to use Wire Shelving Units in Closets

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Kids and Teens are always growing.  As they grow, they need to be provided with stuff that fits them.  Clothing can get very expensive for kids and teens as it needs to be replaced whenever someone outgrows anything.  Another difficult task is figuring out what do with all the clothing you will have to buy.  Closets can get full pretty quickly and I doubt anyone just wants to start throwing away clothing that they worked hard to buy.  I have a solution for anyone struggling with the scenario above.  Get plastic bins and wire shelving and use them in your closet as your collection of clothing expands.

Wire shelving is a great help in a closet.  It doesn’t matter how small or how large your closet is, there is a perfect size of wire shelves for you.  You can get the wire shelving units with either the standard 4 shelves on it, or you can customize it to have as many shelves as you want.  These shelving systems are easily configured and can hold hundreds of pounds on each shelf.  Believe me, you don’t have enough clothes in your entire house to hurt this shelving unit.  I recommend that you take some measurements of your closet so you know exactly what size will work best for you.

If you intend to use the wire shelving systems in a commercial environment, you can get them with wheels.  This means that if you have a photo shoot to setup, and you have tons of clothing options to select from, you can just wheel mobile wire shelving units filled with clothes in and out of the room as you see fit.  If one unit doesn’t have the proper stuff on it, simply wheel it out of the way and bring a different shelving unit in.

Don’t forget to get your plastic bins as well.  These bins can sit on the shelves in your closet.  You can use one bin for each type of clothing.  For example, the bottom shelf can have 2 large plastic bins, in one you can have folded up plain white t-shirts and in the bin next to it you can put socks.  Slowly fill each shelf up with bins and then fill each bin up with a specific type of clothing.  Once your kids grow out of this clothing, you can remove those bins and replace it with a bin full of more current clothing.

These steps will help you to make room for all of that stuff you need to buy growing children.  If you fill up the shelving unit, just add another shelf.  If you run out of room for the old bins, just stack them on top of one another and put them in the basement.  That’s the beauty of these setups, they make enough space to allow you to keep your old stuff, rather than throw out what you paid for.

Businesses using Facebook

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With more than 800 million people currently signed up on Facebook, you can see why setting up a Facebook page is important for your business in today’s world.  So many people are signed up for Facebook these days that if you don’t have a page, you are missing out on free exposure to millions of people.  Facebook allows you to set up different options on a company’s page.  Depending on what you’re goal is, you may want to consider some of those features.

We use Facebook as an information page to talk about our plastic storage bins and wire shelving.  We don’t sell our products through Facebook.  If you want to see news on a new product, it’s on our Facebook page.  If you’re looking for pictures of jobs we’ve done, that’s also on our Facebook page.  We also offer discounts to those that are checking page.

A great feature in Facebook is the “like” feature.  This enables companies to interact with each other easily.  Once you have liked our page on plastic bins , anything I update my page with will automatically show up on your Facebook feed.  So if I decide to put up a picture of a job we recently completed, everyone who has “liked” my page will automatically be able to see those pictures.  If the proper people have “liked” your page, that could lead to future sales.

There are many different options you can incorporate into your business page on Facebook.  One popular option is called the shop tab.  The shop tab allows you to upload all of your products and sell them through Facebook.  You can set up a feed and have all of your products automatically uploaded.  Once they have uploaded, customers will find all of your products right from your Facebook page, and can even buy them right there.  They have different pricing options depending on the amount of products you would like to upload.

A business page on Facebook is pretty much the same as your profile page on Facebook.  You have a wall, an info tab, photos tab and all that.  You can share links through your page.  You can even update your status on your business page.  All these updates will appear in all of your friends news feeds.

Facebook even provides pages with traffic stats.  Using this feature you can easily check what your friends have to say about your postings, such as your pictures.  You can also see how many comments any particular picture or video gets or just check how many people have viewed that particular post.

If your business hasn’t signed up for a Facebook page yet, you are seriously missing out.

Plastic Bins used for Crafts

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Arts and Crafts are a fun way for children to relax while still using the creative part of their brains.  While growing up, most children will have the class “Arts and Crafts” in elementary school.  It is probably a favorite of many kids, due to the fact that there is typically not much homework or hard work associated with it.  Just because Arts and Crafts is associated with elementary school, that does not mean that adults do not use arts and crafts as a relaxation method for themselves.  In the following article, I will discuss the different ways that plastic bins can help you when creating these projects.

The bins I’d like to discuss is the Tip Out Bins.  These bins are available in either Gray, Ivory or White and they have little clear compartments that tilt out.  These clear compartments make it very easy to see what is inside each bin.  When you are getting low on a particular supply, say glue sticks, you will know as soon as you look at your tilt out bins.  These bins can be stacked on top of each other or hung from wall mounted rails or frames.  The storage bins range from having one tilt out compartment and go up to 9 tip out compartments.  Most of these bins are 24” wide.  The heights range from 3-18” high to 13-7/8” tall.

These bins are wonderful for kids who need to know exactly where each particular part they are using is located.  In a group setting in an Arts and Crafts classroom, everyone can just look and see for themselves what is available to them.  Now you see how kids, or even adults or teachers, can make their lives much easier by incorporating Tip Out Bins into their crafts and hobbies creations.

Adults use these Tip Out Bins as well.  These are very popular in Dental offices across the world.  Many hospitals use them too, as inventory and inventory management are vital in both of those office settings.  The cup that tilts out is easily removable if you need to re-fill it or if you break it.  If you do crack one of the cups, typically by dropping it on the floor, you can get that one cup replaced without having to buy a whole new unit.

Tip Out Bins are perfect for those who are into arts and crafts or just need a great place to store their gadgets.

Must Watch this Video from CNN… JETMAN

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This is amazing.  Check out this video from on Jetman!

Google To Unveil Online Music Store | Fox News

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Google To Unveil Online Music Store | Fox News.

Click that link to see how google is continuing to revolutionize every aspect of the internet!  These guys are always a step ahead, and now they will begin to cut into apple’s share of the music industry.

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