About Simplastics


We’re your dependable and knowledgeable source, for plastic storage solutions.  When you call 800-966-9090, you will get a helpful and informed person on the phone.

Browse through selections of Stackable Plastic Bins, Shelf Bins, Plastic Totes, Plastic Containers, Chrome Wire Shelving, Stainless Steel Carts and accessories. Simplastics® offers ESD conductive bins, antistatic containers, steel shelving, pick racks, shelf bin systems and carts, Nylon cart covers.

Plastic storage containers are manufactured by Akro-Mils, Quantum Storage Systems and Lewis Bins. Collapsible Bulk Boxes by Orbis and Buckhorn, Wire shelving systems from Quantum and Metro. Stainless steel carts, hospital carts, medical carts and food service carts from Lakeside and Jamco.

All plastic bins, steel cabinets, and stainless steel carts are moulded and manufactured in the United States.
Simplastics’ sales and support staff are available to help with large quantity quotes and product information.

Due to unstable price of plastic (byproduct of petroleum) and steel raw materials, prices are subject to change. Please confirm quotes, prices and freight charges prior to faxing or emailing purchase orders with our staff.

UPS or FedEx shipments typically leave the factory within 3~4 business days of order processing.   Truck orders typically ship within 5 business days. All lead times are subject to availability.  Simplastics offers you the choice of using our logistics, you may very well use your own.

Call Simplastics® today 800-966-9090 USA or +1 305-866-3000 International and let us help you with your storage requirements.

Purchase Orders can be sent either via email to sales@simplastics.com or
Fax: 877-966-9090 USA
Fax: +1 305-865-7536 International


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