Plastic Bins used for aviation?  Besides being the perfect location for exchanging war stories, aircraft hangers are used for storing aircraft as well as the most important thing, providing maintenance that keeps the birds in the air.  Recently an aircraft parts company owner, located at Fort Lauderdale Executive airport, contacted us for plastic bins, as he was getting set to re-organize the thousands of different aviation parts that he resells around the world. The challenge was to figure out whether to use stackable plastic bins, or shelf bins.

The difference is quite significant.  The Stackable plastic bins can be hung from louvered panels, stacked on top one another (as their walls are 90 degrees from the horizontal plain and are designed to handle the weight of other bins stacked on top while still providing access to the contents via the open hopper in the front of the bin).  Of course it can be used as a shelf bin,  although with the higher price (due to the extra material (plastic), perhaps not a good idea.  The shelf bins are tapered (narrow at the bottom, wider at the top) and since they do not have to support the weight of another bin above it, less material is used and thus a less expensive plastic storage bin.

The owner of the company wound up selecting a mix of bins, shelf bins as well as stackable bins that he ended up hanging from wall-mounted louvered panels.  The result was a spectacular setup of bins in 6 different colors that help color-code the parts, making identification of the aircraft parts much easier.  The shelving populated with monster bins was so tall that a moving ladder unit is in use in each isle.  The success of this setup led to additional locations, being setup in the same fashion, making the lives of the warehouse personnel easier, no doubt about that.

Customers seem to appreciate the neat and organized look.  It is important to know that the company that supplies the parts that keep you and your aircraft safe in the air, is organized and meticulous.  Want to know more about the plastic bins?  Visit Monster Bins and view our entire selection of plastic storage bins.