In today’s world, everyone uses the internet to make purchases.  Whether you actually buy online, or you just use a website to get information about a product and/or the price, the internet is a great help for all.

When you have a specific item in mind, and you search for it on Google, it is best to look through all of the results.  Too many people think that Google did the research for them and is returning the best results, this is not always correct.

Sometimes you will find the best website for what you are looking for on page 2 or 3 or 4 of Google’s results.  For example, the most relevant result for a search of plastic storage bins should be

At , we carry the largest selection of plastic bins and wire shelving units anywhere.  Our prices are the lowest on the entire internet.  When you type plastic bins into Google, you would expect a site like to be the first result returned.  Instead, you get a ton of sites that don’t specialize in plastic bins, that don’t have pricing like plasticstorage, and that don’t offer the kind of customer service and support that does.

Until Google figures out a way to truly return the most relevant results, not return results that are skewed by SEO companies, users will have to continue to search through pages and pages of results.  This sometimes will lead to that person no longer using this specific search engine altogether.

So, hopefully now everyone is educated about the best ways to make purchases online.  Don’t always assume the first few results are the best companies or sites to purchase from, typically that’s not the case.  Do your research, get informed and then you can make the best decision on who to buy from.