Plastic Storage Solutions are all around us.  Everywhere you look, you are sure to find plastic bins being used in some capacity.  If you are not using plastic bins to assist you in your everyday life, you are not making your life as easy and clean as it could be.  Wire shelving units are used in all types of environments.  If you need to clean up your garage, use wire shelves.  If you are trying to organize your office, wire shelving units are a great option.  Every single restaurant in this country is currently using wire shelving systems in their kitchens.

Plastic storage containers are a very helpful solution when you are trying to clean up a specific area.  Whether your office, warehouse or home, these plastic bins can assist you in getting the most out of your storage space.  They are great for loose items that you always want to be able to locate.  If you have a parts warehouse, plastic bins are absolutely critical to you for organization.  Nobody wants to always be running around searching for parts.

Let’s start out with a garage.  Typically, guys tend to clutter up their garage.  A lot of garages look like an episode of hoarders.  If you are one of those people, you should look into a simple storage solution.  Maybe some wire shelving, maybe some plastic bins, maybe a combination of both!  You can setup a wire shelving unit in the garage to help clear off the ground.  You can choose from shelving units that start at 54” high and go all the way up to 86” high.  These typically come with 4 shelves, but you can add on as many as you’d like.  Once the shelving system is setup, then you should look into some plastic bins.

The plastic storage containers can be filled up with your items and then placed onto the wire shelving system.  You can select from plastic shelf bins, which will rest on the shelves and can nest inside one another when empty, or you can go with a larger bin that stacks.  The stacking and hanging bins can be stacked, sturdily, on top of each other while being filled with contents.  Both of these plastic bins have divider slots which allows you to divide the contents of the container.

These same shelving options are great for anywhere, not only a garage.  A lot of restaurants take advantage of our wire shelving systems.  Have you ever been in the kitchen at a restaurant?  It is sure to be full of wire shelving systems.  These shelving units can be mobilized by using a set of casters.  Casters come available with 2 brakes.  It is not only the wire shelving systems that restaurants take advantage of.  Almost all restaurants use plastic bins as well.  Normally, when you a see a bus boy walking around a restaurant, they are holding a plastic tub.  Those tubs are filled with all of the dirty dishes at the tables and then brought to the back to the kitchen to be cleaned.

Plastic Bins and Wire Shelving are a great help, regardless of what industry you are in.  Everyone from the individual trying to organize their garage to the restaurant owner trying to make his kitchen neater is utilizing plastic bins to help them in their every day life.


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