With more than 800 million people currently signed up on Facebook, you can see why setting up a Facebook page is important for your business in today’s world.  So many people are signed up for Facebook these days that if you don’t have a page, you are missing out on free exposure to millions of people.  Facebook allows you to set up different options on a company’s page.  Depending on what you’re goal is, you may want to consider some of those features.

We use Facebook as an information page to talk about our plastic storage bins and wire shelving.  We don’t sell our products through Facebook.  If you want to see news on a new product, it’s on our Facebook page.  If you’re looking for pictures of jobs we’ve done, that’s also on our Facebook page.  We also offer discounts to those that are checking page.

A great feature in Facebook is the “like” feature.  This enables companies to interact with each other easily.  Once you have liked our page on plastic bins , anything I update my page with will automatically show up on your Facebook feed.  So if I decide to put up a picture of a job we recently completed, everyone who has “liked” my page will automatically be able to see those pictures.  If the proper people have “liked” your page, that could lead to future sales.

There are many different options you can incorporate into your business page on Facebook.  One popular option is called the shop tab.  The shop tab allows you to upload all of your products and sell them through Facebook.  You can set up a feed and have all of your products automatically uploaded.  Once they have uploaded, customers will find all of your products right from your Facebook page, and can even buy them right there.  They have different pricing options depending on the amount of products you would like to upload.

A business page on Facebook is pretty much the same as your profile page on Facebook.  You have a wall, an info tab, photos tab and all that.  You can share links through your page.  You can even update your status on your business page.  All these updates will appear in all of your friends news feeds.

Facebook even provides pages with traffic stats.  Using this feature you can easily check what your friends have to say about your postings, such as your pictures.  You can also see how many comments any particular picture or video gets or just check how many people have viewed that particular post.

If your business hasn’t signed up for a Facebook page yet, you are seriously missing out.