Fantasy football is quite a phenomenon.  Such a simple, basic idea has turned the casual sports watcher into a diehard football fan.  I believe the fascination with fantasy football is that it gives everyone the opportunity to run a team, similar to a general manager.  Also, if your favorite football team is performing poorly this season, it doesn’t matter as much because your fantasy football team might be performing wonderfully.  At Simplastics, our league is fairly competitive.  The trophy we give out, which is really only good for bragging rights, is a large plastic bin.  These plastic bins are inscribed with the names of each year’s champion, dating back to 2004, and sits on a wire shelving unit in the front of our office.  As you continue to read on, you will see why I believe fantasy football will continue to grow to a multi-billion dollar industry.

Fantasy Football is just what it sounds like, a fantasy.  In real life, none of us could run a professional football team.  In the virtual fantasy world, we are all mini Bill Belichicks.  In real life, coaches watch film to try and gain an advantage on their opponent, or physically go out and practice.  In fantasy land, we read websites for a competitive advantage over our peers.

Websites, such as have become the authority on fantasy football.  These sites provide up to the minute news on players and teams.  If a player is injured during a game or practice, rotoworld is there to let you know what happened, how serious it is and whether or not you should try and acquire their back up.  These sites not only provide news, but also predictions and opinions.  Every week, every fantasy website is updated with their lists of rankings by positions, lists of who to start and who to bench and all sorts of critical information.  This info is definitely important if you are trying to perform at a high level.

The main reason that fantasy football has taken off, in my eyes, is because it gives us a break from our favorite, local team.  For example, I live in Miami, Florida.  As you all know, the Dolphins are not a fun team to watch or even root for.  The last decade of Dolphin football has been embarrassing for us fans.  We haven’t had a respectable QB since Dan Marino left, and our front office is a mess.  Those guys couldn’t make a good draft pick if they had the first 5 selections.  For this reason, fantasy football has become a huge part of my life.  Another important aspect is that women can play.  So far, there have been zero female head coaches in pro football.  However, in fantasy leagues, many teams are run by women.

I am a huge football fan.  However, if the only way for me to get involved with football is to root for the Dolphins, I’d probably just pick a different sport.  In today’s world, I have other options.  I can draft my own team, with players I enjoy rooting for and watching, and never have to worry about how sad my local team is.  Reasons like that, and all reasons stated above, are why I believe fantasy football is still in it’s early stages.  This industry will continue to grow and people will be playing fantasy football until the day they die.