I went to New York this past weekend.  I decided to get away and take a nice little vacation.  What I didn’t realize was that I could never escape work by being in New York City.

Everywhere i looked, people were using the items that i sell on a daily basis.  Every restaurant i went into had Wire Shelving units in the kitchens.  Every stand that I walked past on the street had their merchandise stacked up in plastic bins.  I really thought i was going to take a break from working, but I found myself talking to all of these people about where they get their products from.

I realized that a lot of the restaurant owners had various different sizes of wire shelves.  The ones that were in the kitchen were typically 54-63″ tall.  The plastic storage bins that I saw on the streets were all different types.  Some were stackable where others nested inside of one another.

I thought I was taking a vacation by going to NYC for the weekend, but really i was just working in another city.  By talking to these users of the products that I sell, I gained invaluable info about how to improve these products.

The only thing i got away from was the warm Miami weather, and I traded it in for a freezing, snowy weekend in NYC.