Clear Plastic Shelf Bins

Clear Plastic Shelf Bins are made of Polypropylene, a strong plastic material.  Shelf bins are the more economical replacement for cardboard bins since they last longer.  You will save money by not having replacement costs.  These bins can nest inside of each other when they are empty.  Clear shelf bins allow all of the contents inside to be easily indentified.  Simplastics’ shelf bins are typically used on stationary shelving units or mobile pick racks.

 Clear Dividable Grid Boxes

Simplastics’ clear dividable grid boxes are great for many different industries including industrial, commercial, electronic and healthcare.  These plastic boxes are used for storage, assembly, fabrication, kitting and distribution applications.  Dividable grid boxes are the most efficient and the safest way to compartmentalize and protect all of your parts.  These boxes have both width and length dividers at 1-1/8” intervals.  The multiple divider slots allow you to configure the size compartment that you need by selecting where to place the dividers.  Simplastics’ clear dividable grid boxes can stack on top of one another, with or without the optional lids.