Simplastics stackable plastic bins have been designed with a triple purpose. They can be used being placed individually on either steel or wire shelving units.  They can be stacked on top one another and most of these plastic bins have a rear-lip enabling them to be hung from either louvered panels or rails units. Both the rail units as well as the louvered panels are available as stationary single-sided or double-sided units, where the double sided units can be turned into mobile units by adding the appropriate mobile unit kits. A Simplastics® representative can assist with decision making between Louvered Panels or Rail Units.

Stackable plastic bins are most commonly made of Polypropylene which is a strong plastic material that is less likely to shatter like Polystyrene. The Stackable Bins by definition have straight walls to accommodate the stacking feature, unlike Plastic Shelf Bins that are tapered, i.e. narrow at the bottom and wider at the top.  The QUS220 and the 30240 are examples of plastic stackable bins.