Simplastics Clear Stack and Hang Bins are made of FDA approved, heavy-duty, semi-clear polypropylene.  These clear plastic bins can be placed on shelving units, hung from louvered or rail units, or just stacked on top one another.  Since these plastic bins are clear, you can easily identify the contents.   Simplastics’ stackable bins are made of Polypropylene, which is a strong plastic material that is less likely to shatter like Polystyrene. These clear plastic bins have straight walls which allows for the stacking feature, unlike Plastic Shelf Bins, which are tapered.  These are perfect for storing medical and/or pharmaceutical supplies.  Optional dividers, windows and labels are available for these bins.

Clear plastic bins are ideal for use in any situation where monitoring inventory is necessary.  You can always stay on top of your supplies and never be caught in a bad situation.