Simplastics carries the Akro-Mils line of plastic bins.  One of the models they manufacture is called the Stak – N – Store Bins.  These very large bins are ideal for bulky products. They easily stack 6-high, have a convenient wide hopper that enables easy access to contents. The 6-high stack is sturdy enough to reduce the need for shelving units. These injection molded bins are easy to clean and will not rust or corrode. The Giant stack containers are designed with a convenient large label slot. The dimensions of the Giant Stack Bins make them a perfect fit with industry standard 36” wide shelving units. Whether wire shelving or steel units, these bins are a great fit.

Quantum also makes the same plastic bins.  They are called the Giant Stack Bins.

Give Simplastics a call to lock in the lowest prices on these plastic bins.  800-966-9090