Have an area in your home that is too messy to be cleaned?  Simplastics recommends that you try and coordinate your space by areas and zones.  For example, take all of your cleaning supplies and place them in a plastic bin that will sit above the washer and dryer. Now when you go to use the washer and dryer, at least all of your supplies will be handy and useable just by grabbing the plastic bin.  Getting a set of plastic bins is the ideal way to organize and know where you have stored everything.

Have too much junk for one plastic bin?  Maybe Simplastics’ wire shelving systems will work for you.  These shelving units come with 4 shelves (variety of sizes) and range from 54″ high to 86″ high.  If you need these wire shelving units to be mobilized, no worries, we have casters for that.

Call Simplastics at 800-966-9090 and ask us to help you come up with a solution to clean up that mess!