Plastic Shelf bins are the ideal replacement for cardboard boxes.  While the initial investment is higher than the cardboard type, there are many advantages. The Plastic Shelf bins (sometimes referred to as “economy shelf bins”) are available in multiple colors, they do not “soak” oils or other liquids like the cardboard bins do, they last longer and best of all, when placed in view of customers, they look a whole lot better.

There are several manufacturers, Akro-Mils, Quantum Storage and Lewis
are the most visible ones in the US.

The Shelf bins’ design is a tapered design, the top is wider than the bottom,
allowing the bins to be “nested” inside one another when either not in use, or
being transported empty.

The Stackable Plastic Bins have an “Upright” design, they contain much more
plastic in their construction, as they are designed, not only to sit on a shelf, but
rather support additional bins stacked on top while containing goods stored in them.

Some of the smaller sized stackable plastic bins also have a “back lip” that makes them suitable for hanging of rails or louvered panels on stationary or mobile rack units.

The Stackable Plastic Bins are priced higher than the economy shelf bins. As with the shelf bins, they are available from multiple manufacturers, in multiple colors and multiple sizes.